Police Chief Claims Unknown Person Let Officers Into Home Of Paul Pelosi On Night Of Attack – These Cameras Can Reveal Who Was The Third Person (Photos)

The San Francisco Police Department released some information regarding Paul Pelosi’s arrest but some very important information has been left out to date.

The San Francisco Police held their first press conference on the events earlier in the day yesterday and they didn’t mention how the police got into the house, but somehow they did.

An unidentified person is reported to have let police officers into Paul Pelosi’s home during the early hours that an intruder broke in and attacked Pelosi with a hammer.

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According to San Francisco Police Department Chief Bill Scott when law enforcement arrived at the Pelosi residence, “the door was opened by someone inside”. He didn’t however clarify who that person was.

Scott said: “So when the officers arrived and knocked on the front door of the residence this morning, the door was opened by someone inside”. He continued: “And the officers observed through the open door Mr. Pelosi and the suspect, Mr. DePape, inside the entryway of the home” ….fighting over a hammer

For people not paying attention, the story now is that a nudist in his underwear with a hammer snuck into the Pelosi residence, a wellness check sent the police there, they knocked on the door, a THIRD person let them in, at which point the man began assaulting Paul Pelosi.

Here’s Politico reporting about the “truth”

With so many questions we need answers now!

It will also show if both were indeed holding hammers.

Their neighbors’ backyard security camera overlooks the Pelosi patio with broken glass.

The release of these videos will solve every “mystery” around this case!

Also, I can’t understand how the police failed to stop the attack.
The SF Chief said upon arrival both were struggling over the hammer, yet Paul gets a fractured skull & other bodily injuries.
Tasers or usual police control techniques should have stopped this before the serious bodily injury.

Who was the third person?

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