Spinning Vaxxed Phenomenon: Why Are People Spinning Around And Then Falling Dead?

This is another one of those articles you’d think was fake or some twisted form of satire.

But it seems to be real.

I first heard about this when Sean over at SGT Report was discussing it.

I investigated for myself and it looks to be real.

WHAT it is exactly remains to be seen.

But the videos are out there.

So what am I talking about?


Well, there are an increasing number of videos (usually from surveillance cameras) that show someone by themselves, suddenly look up as if they heard something and then start spinning around in a circle…before falling dead.

Almost the way you would if you heard a fly or a wasp start to swarm around your head and past your ears.

The more I researched the more I found out people are now referring to it as the Spinning Vaxxed Phenomenon.

I don’t think anyone truly knows what this is right now…

It could be related to the vaxx, I wouldn’t doubt anything when it comes to that poison.

But it looks and feels more like nanobots to me.

Here is one video, just watch for yourself:

WARNING: this video (if real) is extremely graphic and horrible to watch:

Here are some longer videos discussing and attempting to explain the phenomenon…

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