Unseen Jan 6th Footage Catches ANTIFA Red-handed

A video that was previously deleted on Twitter is making its way around the web.

The video shows a man with a black Antifa helmet with tape on it that reads Trump.

the man with the Trump helmet would start busing the windows of the Capitol, and in the background of the video you can hear Trump supporters shouting Antifa.

Take a look here:



Did you hear them start chanting Antifa?

They even started to boo the Antifa operative.

100 Percent Fed Up broke the story and had these details to add:

The male with a blue camo hat and large black backpack appears to be with the two men dressed all in black, as at one point in the video, the man in black (Antifa?) hands his police baton to the man with the blue camo hat who uses it to smash against the window. The person on the left standing close to the wall can be seen in the 3rd video (below), wearing a black helmet with a “Trump” bumper sticker on the back, as he bashes one of the upper windows with what appears to be a baton.

At the 1:20 mark of the video, the crowd is chanting, “F*CK Antifa! F*CK Antifa!”The man dressed all in black (Antifa?), who is leaning over what appears to be an elevator shaft, motions with his hands going back and forth across his throat to someone in the audience, as he appears to be telling them to stop doing something. The Antifa? goon then raises one hand in the air and appears to be giving the middle finger to the Trump supporters shouting, “F*CK Antifa!” He waits a few seconds and then raises both hands in the air at the crowd and appears to give them two middle fingers as a man who appears to be a “Trump supporter” tries to stop him.

Here’s another view from the crowd looking up at the men dressed in all-black bashing out the windows with a baton commonly used by Antifa, as women in the crowd can be heard saying that Antifa is busting out the windows:

This video shows the male in the first video who has his back toward the wall and is also seen stepping on the American flag, bashing out the window with the baton. Curiously, he has a Trump bumper sticker plastered to the back of his helmet. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t know a single Trump supporter who would stand on an American flag.

Check out another angle of the incident here:

Here’s another video that shows more alleged ANTIFA provocateurs:



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