Video Shows Chilling Moment At Trump Rally

There were a lot of great moments at the Trump rally in Robstown, Texas last night but there was a moment that topped them all.

During Trump’s speech, his supporters out of now where started to sing the National Anthem.

It started with just a few but after a few seconds, thousands were standing and singing the National Anthem.

After singing the National Anthem the crowd followed it up by chanting USA!

Take a look:


The Washington Examiner had these details to add:

The audience at former President Donald Trump’s rally in Texas broke out into singing the national anthem Saturday night.

While Trump harped on the Jan. 6 committee’s investigation, supporters packed into the venue at Robstown gave him pause as a chorus got louder with a rendition of the Star Spangled Banner.

Trump, wearing one of his red “Make America Great Again” hats, smiled and clapped as the crowd ended with the “Home of the brave” line and began cheering loudly.

After a round of “USA” chants, Trump again spoke into the microphone saying, “Wow that’s so beautiful. You know when this whole big group stood up, I said, ‘Oh we have protesters.’ And you know what? They are protesting. They are protesting what’s taking place in our country, and it’s so bad, and so wrong.”


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