John Durham Getting Ready To Introduce An October Surprise?

Will the Durham investigation take an unexpected turn?

At least one source seems to think so and claims that John Durham is preparing an October surprise in the form of one more potential high-ranking official for indictment.

Whether or not this actually materializes remains to be seen; however, it isn’t completely improbable though it may all hinge on how the Danchenko trial concludes.

One influencer mentioned that Durham’s report won’t come until after the Danchenko trial:


Others were not so hopeful about the scope and the findings of the 3-year Durham investigation.

Could it be that Durham was the wrong person for the job? Should it have been someone outside of the Department of Justice framework?

Conservative Brief speculates:

Special Counsel John Durham’s team added a new member as another high-profile trial is underway.

Durham potentially has an “October surprise” as another main figure could be charged for his role with the discredited dossier, which played a role in the Trump-Russia investigation.



The Epoch Times noted some of John Durham’s remarks in the ongoing Danchenko trial:

With the evidence presented during the trial, jurors could conclude that the FBI “mishandled the investigation,” according to Durham.

“The government is not here to defend the FBI’s performance in these matters,” he said.

The important thing is how the probe started, Durham noted.


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