Florida Rep. Maxwell Frost Screams ‘F*** DeSantis! F*** Fascism!’ Onstage at Paramore Show

Freshman Congressman Maxwell Frost, D-Fla., sent a explicit message to his home state’s governor while onstage at the recent Paramore concert, screaming “F— Ron DeSantis! F— fascism!”

Frost’s slam of the governor came about a week after Paramore lead singer Hayley Williams uttered her own expletive-laden tear down of the 2024 GOP presidential candidate to a crowd during a previous show.

The young Democratic lawmaker and music lover joined Paramore onstage towards the end of their Washington D.C. set Friday, where he performed one the band’s most famous songs, but not before throwing out some serious political trash talk before rabid fans.

Before performing “Misery Business,” from the Paramore’s 2007 album, “Riot!,” social media clips showed Frost being introduced to the crowd by Williams. The singer put her microphone up to his face, and asked “Do you want to say anything to these beautiful people?”

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Pointing out into the crowd, the congressman yelled into the mic, “F— Ron DeSantis! F—fascism!” The crowd went wild in response as Frost walked away from Williams, who playfully shrugged.

Later footage showed that Williams and the band gave Frost the mic for their play through of “Misery Business,” with the lawmaker belting the lyrics into the mic and dancing wildly onstage alongside the frontwoman.

After the show, Frost addressed his controversial statement on Twitter. In one tweet, he declared, “I said what I said.” And in response to a conservative account sharing the clip, he replied, “lol they’re so mad.”

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This is an excerpt from Fox News.


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