Former Target Executive Reveals the ‘One Item’ That Sparked Consumer Firestorm Costing Company Billions

Target has seen a significant drop in its market value as the retail giant faces a consumer firestorm over the displaying of pride merchandise in stores around the nation.

This controversy follows a boycott against Bud Light due to their decision to market products with transgender social media influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

Former Target Vice Chairman Gerald Storch joined “Fox & Friends Weekend”  and revealed the one item that “made the difference”  against the competition and sparked the backlash.

He explained that many retailers carry pride merchandise, “you know, the plates that had different colors in it. Fine. You show the rainbow, you know, a gingerbread house, whatever you are, that’s all you know. Who cares? Everybody carries that stuff.”

Storch targeted one item from the store’s pride collection that set it apart from its competition and ignited the consumer firestorm.

I’ve never seen a case where one item, that tuck swimsuit, that’s really what made the difference versus the competitors. That’s where the big mistake [was] made,” said the former Target executive.

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The former executive shared an example of how he handled controversy with Babies “R” Us.

“We had a contest where the first baby of the year would get $20,000. You know, people were up in arms because guess what, the first baby the year was born to an undocumented immigrant and they didn’t have a tax I.D. or anything, and the people are, ‘oh, God, you can’t give it to them. You have to give it to them. Figure out a way.’ He continued, “You know what we did, we gave it to two babies and we put out a giant press release. We love all babies.”

“At the end of the day, if you embrace and you show that to people and you know, I hear you every morning, you know this, too. That’s how you get a problem, is you have to address it as a real problem and show love for people and it works,” he added.

“Now going out of the problem, you have to show love. I know that sounds kind of funny, but, you know, forgiveness and love, that’s part of America and that’s what you have to do.”

The company’s market value has taken a tumble since mid-May with a decline of over $12 billion dollars.

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This is an excerpt from Fox News.


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