GOP Rep, Former WH Doctor, Responds After Biden’s Fall During Commencement Ceremony: ‘I’m Just Going to Say It Again’

Texas GOP Rep. Ronny Jackson, a former White House physician, is continuing to raise flags over President Biden’s health, concluding that he is “not fit mentally or physically” after the president fell on stage Thursday during a commencement ceremony at the U.S. Air Force Academy.

“I don’t wanna sound like a broken record, but I’m just going to say it again: This man’s not fit mentally or physically to be our president, and it’s a bad situation for us,” Jackson said during a Friday evening appearance on Fox News Channel’s ‘Hannity.’

“Part of the job of the President of the United States is to inspire confidence and project power, and he’s not doing that. He can’t do that, he’s too old to do that, and I think it’s a shame.”

The many gaffes and the recent fall he endured show that Biden, according to Jackson, is offering a “package that doesn’t sell around the world.”

“I think his lack of physical ability and his physical decline is now starting to highlight the cognitive decline that we’ve been watching for so long now,” Jackson said. “It’s a package that just doesn’t sell around the world, and it’s becoming a national security issue for us. We have to do something about.”

“To think that this man thinks he can be president at the age of 86 when he’s 80 right now [and] could be in office for another six years is just malpractice on part of the White House in the West Wing to allow this to be happening, for him to even be talking about running for another term,” he continued.

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“Somebody needs to be held accountable. People like Jill Biden and people that surround him and are supposed to love him and care about him, they should be doing something about this, and they should be stopping this because it’s a shame.”

Jackson said it has reached a “point where our commander in chief needs a walker” in order to maneuver around at events.

“Could you imagine? It would be a better image than what we’re seeing right now — seeing him creep around in a walker,” he said. “At least he wouldn’t be falling flat on his face in front of the entire world.… It’s embarrassing for him, and it’s embarrassing for our country.”

Jackson, who said he prays that Biden does not get re-elected next year, said he does not “honestly think he can finish the time he’s got left, built should he finish that time, there’s no way this man can be our president for another four years.”

Jackson previously served as the White House physician to former Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump, and has repeatedly questioned whether Biden is cognitively fit for office.

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This is an excerpt from Fox News.


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