GOP Legislator Arrested!

An Oklahoma state representative was arrested last week for public intoxication.

Oklahoma City police arrested Rep. Dean Davis (R-Broken Arrow) just after 2 a.m. Thursday morning, local news outlets said.

According to reports, the lawmaker had been drinking with friends at Skinny Slims and refused to leave the bar after closing.

Davis was “argumentative” and had “red watery eyes and slurred speech,” police said.

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FOX 25 had the details:

Police said Davis tried to show officers a credential and made a statement to the effect of, “You don’t know how bad you messed up. You will find out tomorrow.”

Police also said Skinny Slims was in violation for allowing people to drink on the patio after 2 a.m.

This is not Davis’ first run-in with the law, having been arrested back in 2019 for driving under the influence. Davis was sentenced in 2022 to a six-month deferred sentence, which he completed on March 3, 2023.

According to court documents, Davis pleaded nolo contendere to the offense.

Davis disputed that any wrongdoing occurred Thursday.

“I understand that last night has become a story, and that many of my colleagues in the House are now being asked to comment on or to explain the events of last night,” Davis said “I dispute any wrongdoing, however, I do want to take this opportunity to apologize to this body for creating this unnecessary distraction from the important work of the House.”

Here’s the police bodycam footage of the arrest:

Daily Mail added:

Bodycam footage shows the officers putting a befuddled Davis in handcuffs while he protested and told them to call their supervisors. He told them they weren’t allowed to arrest him, claiming he was ‘privileged from arrest during the session of the Legislature’.

The cops ignored his remarks and booked him into county jail.

‘You can’t detain me!’ he cried.

‘I can, and I am right now,’ Sgt. Timothy Brewer told him.

It is not his first brush with the law; in 2019, he was arrested for a DUI.

No one had called police to the scene. The two officers involved had been driving back to the station after completing a shift when they saw Davis and his friends sitting on the patio.

They approached and told the men they were breaching state law which prohibits drinking at the bar after 2am. It was 2.11am when they approached.

Davis insists that he wasn’t drunk, and says he did nothing wrong.

The Oklahoma House voted to censure Rep. Dean Davis after the arrest, stripping him of his committee memberships pending a public apology.

KOCO 5 News noted:

The Oklahoma House voted to censure a Broken Arrow representative following his recent arrest for public intoxication.

State Rep. Dean Davis was arrested early Thursday morning after being arrested in Bricktown on a complaint of public intoxication. On Monday, the House voted 81-9 to censure Davis.

He also is being removed from all committees until a public apology is issued.

Body camera video of the incident shows Davis’ interactions with police during his arrest when he refused to leave Skinny Slims in Bricktown. He told officers he couldn’t be arrested because he is a state lawmaker and that the state constitution protects him from arrest when the legislature is in session – something a legal expert told KOCO 5 is not true.

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