Pumas Going In, Vans Going Out?

So here’s what happened…

On Twitter, posts are going live about the Transgender shooter saying she/he/it/devil/demon was wearing Puma shoes when she/he/it/deveil/demon went in, but then Vans shoes when she/he/it/devil/demon went out (as in, went out of this world).

Oh my.

That would kind of be a big problem right?

That would mean ONE of of the two videos was faked.

Either the surveillance video was faked or the police body cam video was faked.

This would be what we call a “False Flag”.

And to be clear, a “False Flag” doesn’t mean something tragic didn’t happen.

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It doesn’t mean people didn’t die.

No, by all accounts we had a HUGE tragedy here, and I don’t know about you but I haven’t been “right” all day thinking about the people that died.

A “False Flag” simply means the story they are telling you AFTER the fact isn’t necessarily the truth about what happened.

So with that in mind, I’m going to present to you the evidence I’ve found after digging into this and you can just decide for yourself.

Here are the posts that are going viral:


Do those look like the same shoes to you?

More here:

And here:


And here:

This person says they ARE the same shoe:


Others are not convinced:

People asking for Alex Jones to comment:

I have studied these videos frame by frame myself, and I am NOT convinced they aren’t different shoes.

Here are both videos, you decide:

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