Russia is Under Martial Law

Civil War or Psychological Operation?

Russian media has reported that the Kremlin has declared martial law. This a result of the Wagner mercenary group threats as they started to march towards Moscow with thousands of soldiers. Putin has deterred armed mercenary groups from storming administrative buildings in Moscow.

Putin in an emergency broadcast speech said an armed mutiny by Wagner mercenaries was a “stab in the back” and that the group’s chief Yevgeny Prigozhin had betrayed Russia, as he vowed to punish the traitors.

Putin also signed a law permitting 30-day detentions for breaking martial law in places where is has been imposed.

Who is this Wagner Group?

Wagner Group headed by Yevgeny Prigozhin is a private military company with up to 50,000 troops and are the ones allegedly staging a coup in Russia against Putin.

Prigozhin took control of Russia’s southern military command headquarters in Rostov, a city with one million residents and they threated to further march to Moscow. Some fake rumors spread about Russian special forces and others joining Prigozhin against Putin.

Putin remains in control of Russia and nobody can do anything about it. When the dust has settled we expect Prigozhin to be severely punished. An arrest warrant has already been issued by Russian authorities for Prigozhin and he’s being charged with mutiny.

How did this all start?

During the course of the Ukraine War, there has been growing conflict between the Russian Ministry of Defense and the Wagner Group which has also been fighting in Ukraine.

Prigozhin, once a close advisor of Putin says he is demanding retribution following what he claims to be a catastrophic loss of his forces in a series of strikes by the Russian military targeting his Wagner troops on Friday.

The Russian military disputed the occurrence of such strikes, and there are no independent verification of his claims. If such a strike did happen it would be coming from Ukraine and not the Russian military.

Keep in mind that Prigozhin is a private mercenary and mercenaries only need money to keep them under control. It is possible that Prigozhin was offered a bribe by the CIA in a last minute attempt to have a regime change in Russia.

As a private military group, the Wagner group operates outside the purview of the Russian military and is said to report directly to Russia’s President.

How did Zelensky and Ukraine respond?

Zelensky responded by saying, “The man from the Kremlin is obviously very afraid and is probably hiding somewhere, not showing his face. I’m sure he’s not in Moscow anymore.”

Zelensky started a fake rumor about Putin going into hiding and leaving Moscow. This was absolutely false as we know Putin was rushed to the Kremlin and from there he decided what steps needed to be taken.

Ukraine as a military did take advantage by starting another major offensive attack against the Russian military, this was because some of those troops had to be withdrawn from the region and be sent back to Moscow to safeguard the capital.

How did the Joe Biden Administration respond?

The illegitimate administration of Joe Biden remained as quiet as possible about this situation making some suspect that they were involved in starting this entire mess. Publicly, the Biden administration remained neutral and stated that they are monitoring the situation.

Joe Biden has made no public appearances about this situation proving once again that he has no influence or power with our military.

Kamal Harris was questioned about the Russia situation while departing from a plane and she remained silent because none of our military briefs her about anything.

How did Putin respond?

Putin showed why he is in full command of Russia by preparing Moscow for war. Building outposts and blocking roads as military vehicles started to flood the streets ahead of the expected arrival of the Wagner Group. Some airstrikes targeted the Wagner convoy heading north. Additionally, Putin ordered machine gun outposts, armored vehicles, and other road obstructions to show the traitors what true control really looks like.

The Wagner Group has been operating separate from the Russian army and the leader (a fugitive) was trying to transition his military power into political power. When Putin came out and accused the Wagner leader of treason, the Wagner soldiers pledged loyalty to Putin.

How will this end?

The New World Alliance should expect to solve this situation without any major casualties. The President of Turkey and Belarus have already publicly backed Russia through this situation. We expect the traitors to stand down and we expect resignations and arrests.

Update: Things started to clear up which seems it was a failed coup and Prigozhin will be able to live the rest of his life in an exile country out of Russia.

The Wagner soldiers will have a contract with the ministry of defense. The future of Wagner PMC as a company is not clear yet if they will have a new leader or the company will be dismantled.

Was this a move by Putin to weed out the last remaining traitors in Russia. And once the traitors are dealt with then a more serious move can be made in defeating the human trafficking state of Ukraine.

Worth Mentioning

Lindsey Graham remains the modern day John McCain as he was warning about a nuclear disaster one day prior to this coup, and getting ready to trigger Article 5 and get our troops directly on the ground to fight against Russia.

Lindsey Graham has in the past openly called for the assassination of Putin and in 2016 with John McCain he visited Ukraine and told the military that Ukraine would win, and that Russia must pay a “greater price.”

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