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BREAKING: Biden DEAD This Week?

Yes, you read that headline correctly.

Now let me explain…

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Yesterday I brought you what I said was the most powerful prophecy I had ever heard from Timothy Dixon.

Today he posted a new video and this one is definitely the most stunning.

As always, I don’t like to summarize too much so that I say something wrong or not exactly the way he said it in his video.

So I encourage you to watch the whole thing….you will NOT be disappointed, and you’ll hear it 100% the way he said it.

But here’s a short summary to give you the Cliff’s Notes.

The video was titled “A casket in the White House”.

And yes, in the first 2 minutes, Dixon reveals the casket is holding Joe Biden.

Dixon said this is all from a dream God gave him last night (April 30) and it was vividly realistic and detailed.

So Biden is in the casket, and when you put this video together with the one from yesterday, it sounds to me like this could happen almost immediately….maybe even this week.

Add to that my friend Bo Polny who says Tuesday may be a VERY interesting day, and I’m starting to see all the pieces come together.

By the way, speaking of Bo, he’ll be back on my show soon and we have a LOT to talk about.  So to everyone who has been emailing me asking what Bo is saying, I hear you and you will know soon!

But back to Timothy Dixon’s vision…

So it was Biden in the casket but that wasn’t even the craziest thing in the video.

He says it happened so suddenly that even with a stolen election and all the fraud, the Deep State was not able to get nearly enough of their plans finished.

The death came suddenly and no one expected it.

They immediately tried to cover it up, using stock footage on newscasts and having body doubles look like Biden from a distance.

But the cover up would not last long.

Then the vision turned to Kamala Harris.

Because I know the #1 comment in the comment section below is going to be “so what if Biden is dead, then we just get Kamala Harris and she’s worse!”

I agree.

But that’s not what happened in the vision.

Dixon says Harris recognized very early on that something was “not right” with the whole Biden situation.

She realized that they would turn on her.

I find this part so fascinating because it lines up 100% with what Charlie Shamp said back in 2019!

In the dream, Harris found knives in her back (symbolic of betrayal) and then they started grabbing them and throwing them back.


And then here’s the last piece of the dream.

He said at the very same time, reports of the election fraud (read: treason) were coming out (perhaps as a result of the ballot audits?) and Dixon says he even say ABC News reporting that “it looks like President Trump won by a landslide.  We had no idea the fraud was this bad.”

Dixon says all of the Mainstream Media then started falling in line together agreeing with President Trump that he won the election.

Longtime readers of USADRAMALERT will immediately be reminded that is EXACTLY what Kim Clement said would happen a LONG time ago.

That the media would eventually start to “agree with President Trump”.

We surely haven’t seen that happen yet, but is that next on the prophetic calendar?

See those here:

TWO PRESIDENTS: Trey Smith Releases Never-Before-Seen Kim Clement Prophecies!

And here:

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New Trey Smith Video: Trump Wins, Scandal To Be Unveiled of Massive Proportions

Ok, so those are the quick summary notes, but there is so much more in this video, you just have to watch.

And I personally am on high alert to see if Biden finally takes his dirt nap this week.

And yes, I am aware many people think Biden died years ago — I don’t disagree, I just don’t know.  In any event, whoever is claiming to currently be Biden may be in for a really rough week)

So without further delay, please watch this video…it is a “can’t miss” one.

Watch safely here on Rumble:


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