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VIDEO: Best 11-Second Kamala Parody On The Planet

This has to be one of the best Kamala Harris parodies ever. This parody does a surprisingly accurate depiction of Kamala’s first visit to the border – if there is ever a visit – in this short yet sweet 11-second video. CLAIM FREE TRUMP COIN

WARNING: Man Proves That Covid-19 Tests Are Cancerous!

RED ALERT! Maybe we already warned the people about the vaccine, but the guy in the video that you will see below tells the truth. His recording went viral. According to him, the coronavirus tests are hazardous! The situation is very complex! You cannot imagine

Ricky Skaggs: I Saw Trump Standing Like a General

I was only mildly aware of Ricky Skaggs before seeing him on Elijah List today, but wow! Multi-Grammy winner and apparently a legend in the Country Music space. But what I was more impressed with was his story. I had no idea he was so closely connected

Mass Vaccination Site Shut Down After Widespread Adverse Effects

A mass COVID-19 vaccination site in Colorado was shut down after widespread adverse effects were reported, officials have confirmed. Hundreds of people scheduled to receive their vaccine were turned away as reports of adverse side effects began surfacing. The specific vaccine being administered at this