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MUST SEE: Three Masonic Lodges Burning!

A preview of Hell? Maybe so. Look, I don’t advocate violence or destruction of property, but I am not going to shed one tear over seeing three (demonic) Masonic Lodges burning to the ground…. How about you? USADRAMALERT has obtained exclusive footage of the three

Did You Know 3,964 Have Died From The COVID-19 Vaccines?

If you listed to the CDC, or Snopes, or any of the “Fact Checking” organizations, they are proud to tell you “not one single person” has died from the COVID vaccine. The only problem? We fact-checked the Fact Checkers and find that claim FALSE. Many

An Update On The Giant Suez Ship, Is The Story Over?

The giant ship is finally free! Is the story over though? Apparently not. Some sources are saying that this whole ordeal could impact supply chains for a long time, but for how long? The last thing any of us needed right now is more supply

Guess Who Is Coming Back Again ?

His new platform will “redefine the game” In a few months, Former President Donald Trump will return to social media. Yet, he will not return to any of the existing platforms- but he will create his own instead! According to one of his aides, it

President Trump Drops Bomb on WaPo for Fake News Story

Former President Donald Trump has slammed the Washington Post for reporting a false news article that was only corrected two months ago. Trump’s statement read, “The Washington Post just released a correction as to the contents of the wrongly recorded phone call I had about

Candace Owens Like You’ve Never Seen Her Before

Candace Owens, the conservative culture warrior, is bringing viewers behind the scenes like never before, describing her inspiration for her highly awaited Daily Wire show, “CANDACE,” and candidly exploring her upbringing, meteoric political success, and her newest adventure: motherhood. Owens’ new talk show, “CANDACE,” will