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Trump Shocked Washington DC With His Last Statement!

President Trump just laughed in the faces of all Washington D.C. establishment with a powerful statement! He “nominated” unofficially and important possible change in the Senate. The popular NFL Legend, Hershel Walker might be a possible pro-Trump candidate for a seat in the Senate. These

BREAKING: Trump Just Announced a War To The Democrats

They are even banning the Trump’s presidential coin. Chuck Schumer quickly followed after Pelosi announced to ban every single symbol of patriotic resistance and disobedience. This is why we the people need to take a stand and boycott the big corporations products. Like President Trump

Man Accused of Threatening Trump, Other Federal Officials

CHICAGO — A man has been indicted on federal charges for allegedly threatening to commit violence against former President Trump, a federal judge, and the former United States Attorney for the Central District of Illinois. Damien Grant, 33, of Peoria, Ill., is charged with three

Robin Bullock: I Saw How This All Ends…

Yes, this is BRAND new! Another incredibly powerful message from Robin Bullock. Don’t miss this one, just trust me ok? Do you ever wonder how guys like Robin Bullock, Hank Kunneman, Kat Kerr and others can seem so rock solid and unshakeable in what they’re

Candace Owens Like You’ve Never Seen Her Before

Candace Owens, the conservative culture warrior, is bringing viewers behind the scenes like never before, describing her inspiration for her highly awaited Daily Wire show, “CANDACE,” and candidly exploring her upbringing, meteoric political success, and her newest adventure: motherhood. Owens’ new talk show, “CANDACE,” will