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Mike Lindell Says “Game Changer” Will Soon Emerge From Michigan

Mike Lindell recently joined Steve Bannon on War Room and talked about big evidence emerging in Michigan. Lindell was quoted saying “It’s a game-changer, and it’s really going to make Newsmax look bad.” Newsmax recently apologized to a Dominion employee for their statements regarding election

Secret Service Agent Dies At Bush’s Compound In Maine

A secret service agent who protected the late President George H.W. Bush and former President George W. Bush has died at the Bush’s compound in Maine. Secret service agent Keith Mills was found dead at the Bush’s compound in Maine and according to his brother,

Mark Zuckerberg: “I ‘WAS’ Human”

Well, this is certainly odd. But then again, “odd” is basically Mark Zuckerberg’s middle name. Either that or “creepy bastard”. Hard to pick, they both fit. And yes, this is an old story but believe it or not I had never seen it before. So

BREAKING: Biden DEAD This Week?

Yes, you read that headline correctly. Now let me explain… Yesterday I brought you what I said was the most powerful prophecy I had ever heard from Timothy Dixon. Today he posted a new video and this one is definitely the most stunning. As always, I don’t


In the string of tweets, President Trump noted how he predicted this day would come and he was considering making his own platform. Click here to claim the Donald Trump Victory Coin. “As I have been saying for a long time, Twitter has gone further

Giuliani’s Lawyer Gives an Answer to FBI Apartment Raid

Rudy Giuliani, the former New York City mayor and Trump attorney, has responded via his attorney Robert Costello after the FBI raided his apartment on Wednesday morning. “Giuliani’s lawyer, Bob Costello, claims the raid was “completely unnecessary” and that the only justification for it was

BREAKING: General Flynn Reveals The Truth!

These days one theory circles around the internet, saying that the U.S. was converted from Republic into a ‘’Corporation’’ many decades ago. Precisely this is why I believe that President Trump will return as the 19th President of the United States of America Republic. It