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Iran With a Humiliating Statement Issued to Joe Biden

It’s official now… Joe Biden’s handlers are making “good” with their favorite ruthless mates in Iran as Obama’s third dreadful term begins.

The evil Mullahs are overjoyed that Biden’s handlers have agreed to lift the sanctions against Iran.

They’re really celebrating it, which is a shameful circumstance for not only Joe Biden, but the entire United States.

It’s abhorrent beyond reason — and the Mullahs are bragging about it to add insult to injury.

The most fascinating aspect of this is that you can see how terrified Iran was of Trump, and how now, with Biden, they’re back in charge.

That is very evident from their boastful language. There is no regard for Team Biden at all.

The Mullahs say that Biden’s move is a “rebuke” to President Trump, and that Biden’s move now “validates” Iran’s nuclear program.

As negotiators meet this week for talks on a revamped nuclear agreement, Iranian officials are declaring victory over the United States, with the Biden administration likely to lift strict economic sanctions on the Islamic Republic.

Iranian government spokesman Ali Rabiei said Tuesday that his country’s representatives, including US-Iran envoy Robert Malley, would not sit down for talks with the Americans.

Diplomats in the United States, on the other hand, anticipate indirect contact by intermediaries. Rabiei described the talks, which will take place in Vienna, as a triumph over the US and the former Trump administration’s “maximum pressure” campaign against Iran, which included some of the broadest economic sanctions in history. According to an Iranian spokesperson, the Biden administration will be forced to lift the sanctions in the near future.

Iran’s bluster is followed by increased nuclear work, measures that are likely intended to put more pressure on the Biden administration to make concessions during the Vienna talks.

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According to state-controlled media, Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization is preparing to unveil “133 new nuclear accomplishments,” including “quantum, enrichment, heavy water, radiopharmaceuticals, [and] lasers.” The country is also moving forward with the installation of IR-9 centrifuges, an advanced form of nuclear enrichment system that converts uranium into nuclear fuel more rapidly and efficiently.

Officials in the Biden administration say they are prepared to lift sanctions on Iran before the country even stops expanding its nuclear program and returns to comply with the original 2015 agreement.

The readiness is seen by Iranian leaders as a rebuke to the former Trump administration’s hardline policies. For example, Rabiei claims that the Americans’ willingness to meet in Vienna for indirect talks is a victory for the mullahs and vindicates his country’s nuclear program.

America has never been more vulnerable than it is now.

Yes, it was bad under Obama, but now it’s even worse because our adversaries got a taste of real power with Trump, and now that the feeble, feckless Dems are back in power, they’ll go crazy and take even more advantage.


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