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Shocking Video of Tucker Carlson JUST Emerged

Tucker Carlson of Fox News asked Tuesday night why the mass media is “threatened by free speech” and why the MSM is peddling false news.

For instance, Carlson indicated that leftists believe in false statistics about police officers killing unarmed black men. He then, seemingly sarcastically, compared the ‘disinformation’ with the falsehoods believed by members of QAnon.

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Tucker scoffed, “It’s worth finding out where the public gets all this false information, this disinformation, as we’re going to call it.”

“We spent the whole day trying to locate the famous QAnon, which was not even a website at the end of the day,” Carlon said. “We can’t find it if it’s out there.”

Then we searched the Twitter account of Marjorie Taylor Greene because we learned she was dealing in misinformation, CNN told us, but nothing there! First, we called our many tight-knit intel group mates. Might Vladimir Putin have put those things out there? Those Proud Boys?! Huh? Alex Jones?! Who lies to America in ways that are sure to make us hate each other and ruin our hearts.

“They may be from QAnon. You’re the judge,’ he grunted. “CNN itself, more powerful than QAnon and far more destructive, has become a disinformation network.”

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Watch below for his monologue.


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