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WATCH: Biden Fumbled His Words So Badly That He Had To Apologize Mid-Sentence

Joe Biden is making fool of himself

High-ranking Russian officials say Biden has dementia and our President keeps embarrassing himself. In his awkward speech on Wednesday night, Biden fumbled his words. Yes, we are used to this. We have seen him do this. But, this time it was so shocking that he even apologized mid-sentence.

Biden is trying to paint himself as a tough guy who trashes Russians and their rhetoric. But, he forgot one simple detail. Dementia.

The President embarrassed himself and our country. Pretty much everyone noticed the poor man who had a hard time completing his sentences.

“I made very clear to Putin that we’re not going to seek es-ex-esc……excuse me….escalation,” said the senile President.

This is horrible. Biden is not taking a break. His handlers weren’t able to avoid this. They shoo citizens of this country every time they take notice of Biden’s declining health.

Kamala Harris didn’t say a word this time. She tries to save the day every time Biden takes the stage. This time she stayed mum. Maybe she let Biden turn into a fool just to let people know that she is in charge of this country. We all know that Harris stands behind the curtains following every single move Biden makes.

She attends his meetings and also greets foreign diplomats. Harris also calls foreign leaders. She is the real President. Biden is just a puppet.



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